Genome Analysis Software and Tools                  [Help Hotline]

1. Gene Evaluator(ChemGenome 1.1)

ChemGenome 1.1 can classify a given DNA sequence as a gene or a non-gene. This classification is done using the physico-chemical properties of DNA.

2. Gene Predictor(ChemGenome 2.0)

ChemGenome 2.0 is a gene prediction web server that takes a whole genome sequence or a part of the genome as input and predicts genes in all the six reading frames.

3. Gene Translator

DNA translator accepts DNA sequences and translates into all possible Amino acid/Protein Sequence.

4. Melting Temperature Predictor (For oligonuclotide)

It predicts the melting temperature of short DNA sequences (upto 70 base pairs) at a user defined salt within the specified range.

5. Genome analysis by melting

It predicts the melting temperature for longer(>70 bases) DNA sequences, and it also gives the melting profile for the sequence.

6. Gene Predictor(ChemGenome 3.0)

ChemGenome 3.0 is a gene prediction tool that takes a whole genome sequence or a part of the genome of a prokaryote or virus as input and predicts genes along with their coressponding protein sequences in all the six reading frames.

7.Visualization of DNA CURVES/CANAL

8.ncRNA Gene Databank

ncRNA Gene Databank is a comprehensive database of genes of non coding RNA alongwith their product information..


Onco-Regulon is an integrated database of regulatory motifs of cancer genes clubbed with Unique Sequence-Predictor (USP) a software suite that identifies unique sequences for each of these regulatory DNA motifs at the specified position in the genome.

10.Pathogen Specific DNA Drug Finder (PSDDF)

PSDDF is a computational protocol for identifying unique DNA sequence(s) in the pathogen which is absent in human and related non-pathogenic strains of the microbe. In order to use the unique sequence as drug target, the protocol, in the second step, uses virtual screening against a million compound library to identify candidate small molecules which can bind to these unique DNA targets in the pathogen only..

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